Protect Your Floor

Protect Your Floor

When using any space for recreational activity and training purposes, one of the first things to come to mind is what kind of flooring solution is going to work best. The right flooring can have a huge effect on the durability of the space. In this blog post, we’ll explore why rubber flooring stands out as a top choice, offering protection for both the floor and its users.

Rubber Flooring is a resilient and versatile option that can withstand frequent use. Whether you’re designing a gym, ski centre, or a skating rink, rubber flooring provides the peace of mind needed to provide a space that can handle the demands of physical activity.

Gym Floors:

Rubber flooring is a go-to solution for gym floors due to its shock-absorbent qualities. In a gym setting, where heavy weights are regularly dropped, the durability of rubber becomes an asset. This type of flooring not only protects the underlying foundation from damage, but also ensures a safer and more comfortable environment for people working out.

Rubber mats for smaller areas:

For smaller spaces such as a home gym, rubber mats are an ideal solution. These mats offer durability and shock absorption as well and are perfect for just covering certain areas. They are a popular choice to put underneath benches and machines as well. Whether it’s a stretching zone or a free weights area, rubber mats provide a practical and protective option for floors.

Ski centres and skating rinks:

When it comes to areas like skating rinks and ski centres, choosing the right flooring is imperative for the safety and well-being of participants. Rubber flooring and matting prove to be the best choice in these settings. Not only does it safeguard the floor from sharp blades and impact of ski equipment, but it also protects the joints of individuals walking on the surface. Hockey players can definitely attest to the importance of a quality rubber floor that allows them to comfortably get from point A to point B when not on the ice.

Long-term investment:

While rubber flooring may come with a higher initial cost than traditional flooring, its durability makes it a long-term investment you can sleep easier knowing you made. The structural integrity it provides can save on future maintenance costs. Choosing a rubber floor ensures that your facility remains in top condition, lasting the test of time and maintaining a safe floor for anyone using it.

When looking at all the benefits it provides, we can see that for sporting facilities, rubber flooring stands out as a top contender, offering durability, shock absorption and protection for both the floor and people in the space. Whether you’re outfitting a gym, ski centre, community rink or a playground, choosing a rubber floor is a practical investment for the short and long-term.

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